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    Privacy Policy

    We, at Dissertation Glory completely recognize the significance of our customer’s confidentiality. We ensure our customers that all the private information of theirs will be our responsibility and to further guarantee this promise we’ve created a Privacy Policy to help our customer. The main objectives for the creation of this Privacy Policy are to let our customers know about the services they are being part of. We follow the UK Act of 1982 for protection of your data.

    We strictly recommend all our customers to review the privacy policy before getting in terms with us.

    Details of Client’s Contact

    In order to start being in terms with us and avail our services, the customer will have to provide their name, Emails and cell phone numbers. Pseudonyms are allowed in case the customer doesn’t want to reveal their identity. We, at Dissertation Glory will not be held responsible if your order reaches the point of failure because of a mistake in identity details that you’ve provided us. Nevertheless, we store all the personal details provided to us until the final delivery has been made successfully.

    Usage of Private Details

    The private details that you provide to us are used to reply to the queries that the customer has been disturbed by. These details are further used to inform you about promotional offers etc. We, at Dissertation Glory clear this statement out completely that we are strictly against providing your private information to any Third Party at all times. The information you provide is shredded and deleted permanently after our services with you have ended. Furthermore, only trusted authorized personnel will be allowed to access the data.

    Web – based Details

    Dissertation Glory takes notice of all the IP Addresses that may have been in contact with us via Web. By this, the security of the customers stays intact and we become aware of the different servers that may be in contact with us. These small details yet important let the security of the customers remain intact.

    These cookies can easily be analyzed and in that way only a few chosen pages will be able to be seen by normal visitors and the valuable information of our customers remain hidden.

    Policy Amendments

    Dissertation Glory contains all the rights to alter any part of the Privacy Policy when needed. Of course, the customer will be provided with notifications whenever any alteration is made.